Our Services

At DWHP ltd we offer a wide range of high quality mechanical services, please see below for the area of interest to you, or click on the link to the left to be taken strait to the service you require.


At DWHP we can design a tailor- made mechanical building services’ system to suit everyone’s needs.

Whether you’re looking at a small domestic installation or perhaps a larger more commercial or industrial project, we can provide you with the kind of service you need to get the type of system you require.

Our design service operates after contracts have been agreed and all of our design work is covered under our Professional Indemnity Insurance.


  • Gas Heating
  • Oil Fired Heating
  • Electric Heating
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Thermal

DWHP can offer design and installation of all of the above heating products.

Our works have taken us far and wide where we have been employed as contractors to install systems such as, under floor heating, conventional radiator heating, gas fired air heaters, radiant tube heaters and many more.

Our recent contracts have included a wide variety of projects including small, medium, large and exclusive domestic dwellings, Schools, offices, industrial units, car showrooms, recreational buildings such as outdoor centres and many more.

By talking to you and understanding your heating needs, DWHP can design and install a system to match your exact requirements.

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  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water Services
  • Hot water Providers (Hot Water Cylinders & Water Heaters)
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Soil, Vent & Waste pipe work

DWHP has vast experience in all plumbing systems. We design, advise and install all water services and associated plant.

From large 1000ltr hot water cylinder to small 10ltr point of use water heaters we have the flexibility to install the correctly sized model for each project.

Our sanitary ware installations range from high specification top of the range products to standard equipment designed for use in schools or public places.

Rain water harvesting is a way of saving money on your water bills and re-using nature’s resources for use in the home or workplace.

By collecting rain water and holding it in underground storage tanks it can be semi cleaned and used to fill WC’s, supply washing machines and used for irrigation or garden hose pipe supplies.

Obviously with water, comes waste. DWHP, as an experienced installer of waste removal systems, can provide all types of products for doing so. Traditional cast iron and time saver soil stacks, the new HDPE electro fusion products and the more conventional push fit and solvent weld plastic pipe work and fittings.

All of our water and waste services are pressure tested and witnessed before being put to use to prove their integrity and giving the end user complete peace of mind.

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Air Conditioning

  • Single Splits
  • Multi Splits
  • 2 Pipe VRV/VRF systems
  • 3 Pipe VRV/VRF systems

At DWHP we install, service, repair and maintain all major brands of Air conditioning and heat pumps.

Air conditioning allows the end user the freedom to choose which atmosphere they feel most comfortable in. A choice can be made between Heating, Cooling, Automatic changeover, De-humidify and Fan only operations. A range of temperatures can be selected, typically between 17-32°C.

Most of the air conditioning systems installed by DWHP Ltd incorporate ‘air-to-air’ heat pump technology. This enables the refrigeration cycle to operate ‘in reverse’, using energy from outside to produce useful heat which is then distributed to internal areas.

These systems prove extremely reliable and energy efficient. There are no electrical or gas heating elements and unlike these conventional heating methods there is very little wasted heat. For every 1kW of energy used by a heat pump you can expect 3kW of usable heat to be produced. This saves a large amount on your energy bills and is considered at present, to be the most environmentally friendly form of heating.

We can install systems ranging from a single split (one room use) through the multi split range (several room usage) right through to the large heat recovery VRF/VRV range which can simultaneously heat and cool different areas of large buildings, in doing so it can take heat out of warm areas such as server rooms and transfer it to cooler areas such as north facing offices etc. and vice versa.

Ventilation systems can be designed to run in conjunction with air conditioning to give a fresh air supply if needed.

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  • Direct Extract
  • Supply Air
  • Whole house ventilation systems
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation

Ventilation is a rapidly growing industry with people wanting stale or fowl smelling air removed from their environment.

New regulations are pushing the need for energy efficient ventilation systems that can extract such air while not removing valuable heat from within the building.

With heat recovery units this can be achieved by passing warm stale air from within the building over fresh air from external sources, via a heat exchanger or a heat recovery core as they are sometimes known. The two air sources never come into contact with each other but instead pass over each other, separated by a thin membrane. During this process heat is extracted from the warm air and picked up by the cool incoming air and delivered to relevant areas.

At DWHP we can design and install such systems to suit your requirements, along with the more conventional direct extract or supply ventilation.

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Solor Technology

  • Solar Thermal flush mounted panels
  • Solar thermal roof mounted panels
  • Solar thermal collectors

Solar panels, or collectors, are a way of harnessing the energy from the sun and using it to produce ‘free’ heat for hot water storage cylinders.

Generally installed on roof tops, these panels/collectors will sense when the temperature of the panel is greater than that of the hot water cylinder. This will then start the small circulating pump which will pass ‘heat transfer fluid’ through the panel, picking up its heat, and pump it down through a heating coil within the cylinder and therefore warming up the water.

This process is very cost effective once installed as the only running cost is a small electrical supply to the circulating pump.

At DWHP we can design and install such a system to suit your requirements.

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As well as the above DWHP also offer a de-commissioning service. We are registered with F-GAS and the Environment Agency as an authorised waste carrier which means we can re-claim and safely dispose of all old refrigerant gas types plus provide relevant documentation as proof of their proper disposal.

From small domestic refrigerators to large multi-zoned air conditioning systems, we can make them safe for demolition or strip out purposes.

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Service Contracts

  • All heating systems (Boilers, air heaters, radiant tubes etc)
  • All air conditioning/heat pump systems
  • Cellar coolers
  • Ventilation
  • Heat recovery
  • Solar Thermal

DWHP can offer a tailor made service contract on all of the above equipment.

This gives you peace of mind that all of your equipment is being properly maintained to the required standard and our own in house, fully qualified, friendly technician is only a phone call away.

We can also offer service contracts on other building service equipment through our very trusted sub contracted specialists.

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All our systems are commissioned in accordance with the manufacturers’ literature and/or government legislations.

We produce “As installed” packs with vital information including a complete list of all equipment installed, safety documents, record drawings, contact details, commissioning reports, service requirements, the manufactures literature and much more.

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